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Service Warranty

We provide a 60-day workmanship warranty on the Service(s) following the Service Date.  In the event that you (i) notify Support Crew of a defect in workmanship in the Services within sixty (60) days following the Service Date and (ii) we confirm the existence of such defect of workmanship, then we will correct such defect in workmanship. 
This Service Warranty: (a) does not apply to any defects resulting, in whole or in part, from your or third-party acts or omissions (including, without limitation, abuse or misuse of the product or devices); (b) does not apply to any products or devices (including, without limitation, any defects in the products or devices); and (c) is non-transferable. 
Support Crew also provides you with technical support regarding the Services via telephone.  In the event that Support Crew is unable to solve a technical problem regarding the Services over the telephone, then you may request that we schedule a technician visit.  We may charge a fee for such visit in the event that the Services are not covered by the Service Warranty.  For technical support or to notify Support Crew of a defect in workmanship of the Services, please call: 1-888-282-5041 or email: