TV Mounting & Installation

Starting at $79.00

Basic Support Crew TV Mount $79

Standard Support Crew TV Mount $119

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[OPTON #1]    Magic Add a little paint and watch the cord cover virtually disappear. Paintable with latex based paint to blend seamlessly with any wall..[+$49]    


[OPTION #2] we will put all the wires into the wall totally out of sight. Looks so much better. [+$99]

order the “Cord Concealment Option #2” below

Before – Messy, distracting cords and cables hang down

During – Cords and cables are tucked neatly behind the wall.

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[OPTION #2] After – Cords and cables are hidden neatly and safely hidden behind the wall and out of sight. [$99]

Yes it is totally up to code: Remember if this is not up to code a homeowners insurance claim could be denied

Can the Crew install my TV anywhere in my home?

The Crew can mount your TV in any room on drywall (sheetrock), brick or on the manufacturers stand. TV mounting on plaster or stucco not included.

Can The Crew use a TV wall mount that I own?

If you currently own a wall mount, the Crew will ensure that it is mounted correctly before they hang your TV.  If you need an upgrade or a different angle/style mount, The Crew has that too. You can also order a replacement TV Mount in the menu

Can the Crew Teach me how to use my new TV Mount?

Yes. As part of our service, your Crew Member will show you how to use your wall bracket.

Will the Crew conceal my TV wires?

If you choose the Wire Concelement Option #1 from the Crew then we will include a paintable wire molding that hides your wires within the molding [$59]. If you’d prefer to completely conceal your wires behind your drywall, The Crew can help you with that too.  Just choose the Option #2 cord concealment service [$99] to your cart and we will complete a streamlined, cord-free installation.

The Crew is the most Professionally Trained Field Service Agents in our Industry.

What’s included

  • Mount TV on drywall or brick wall
  • Connect available video sources
  • Conceal wires in paintable wire molding  [order Option #1 or #2]


  • Neatly dress wires & cables
  • Teach you how to use the wall bracket
  • Remember all our parts are shipped FREE

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