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Fix a problem

From our Experence the main issue that we see with the Nest Thermostats is the Voltage comming from the HVAC is not enough. Please go through the procedure below.

A typical reading for a Nest battery voltage when working properly is over 3.6V which is the bare minimum for the Nest Thermostat to operate. The voltage should be higher once the Nest Thermostat has been installed for 24 hours or more.

My Nest Thermostat battery voltage reads about 3.8V or more and works perfectly. You can find your Nest Thermostat battery voltage by going to the settings menu, clicking on the technical info section and then selecting the power menu.

Which will then display information on your nest thermostat battery voltage and nest power parameters. It’s also a good idea to scroll down in the power menu by looking at the Lin voltage. If it is 20 or lower it could indicate We recommend You call the order center and tell them that you want to order a “AddON #1 Low voltage solution for Smart Thermostats SKU SHIP00155.” They will ask you for the Work Order number and ask thecustomoer for their Credit Card info. We will ship the transformer free of charge To the Customer for you to return to do the install. in about 3 business days.

Nest Support Resources
If you are having issues with this Install then please contact the experts listed below.
Pro Support   855-VIP-NEST    (855-847=6378) [24/7]

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