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  1.  How long has Support Crew been offering this service?
  2.  Is Support Crew available in my area?
    1. Yes we are available all across the USA.
  3.  Is there a travel charge for onsite visits
  4.  What are your hours?
  5.  Do you offer a subscription service?
    1. Soon we may
  6.  Is my service guaranteed?
  7.  What is your cancellation and rescheduling policy?
  8.  How do I get help?
    1. By the website or by phone
  9.  How do I set up an appointment?
    1. By the website or by phone
  10.  What if I don’t know what’s wrong?
  11.  How soon can I schedule my appointment?
  12.  Can I make changes to my appointment?
  13.  Can I select the same tech for subsequent visits?
  14.  What is Support Crew Now! Instant Online Support?
    1. Remote support over the internet. Via a secure connection.
  15.  When will my tech arrive?
  16.  How skilled are your techs?
  17.  How do you verify your techs?
  18.  Should I arrange for additional services with my tech?
  19.  How do you price your services?
    1. Per job and per hour
  20.  Do I pay the tech directly?
    1. NO
  21.  How am I billed for service?
    1. Charged to the CC that you give us when the appointment was make
  22.  Should I tip my tech?
  23.  What is the Safety & Support Fee?
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