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Install Procedure for Doorbell

Transformer Upgrade

Sometimes in older homes, we will need to replace the transformer because the voltage is too low. Then we ship a transformer that has the correct ratings to work with the doorbells.

Take a pick at the wires behind the doorbell. That way you can see where the doorbell wires run, UP to the attic or DOWN to the basement that will give you a clue of where to look. Either way trace the wires back to find the transformer’s location. Note: Newer homes often have doorbell transformers conveniently located in plain sight, high on a garage wall.

If you can’t find the doorbell transformer, check these places:

• A floor joist in the basement

• Below the doorbell chimes or bell

• In a nearby closet (perhaps the entry closet)

• In the attic. If in the attic, it may be buried under insulation) In a crawlspace it will more than likely be in the basement or the attic. Either place it will be near a 110-volt power source. a light or power outlet.on the side of a box like this

What a doorbell transformer looks like when it is mounted

Installing a new 24v transformer 

  1. Turn off power to circuit at the fuse box.
  2. Open enclosure,
  3. Detach old transformer and install new.
  4. The clamp that holds transformer to enclosure needs to be very tight use hammer and screwdriver to snug it tighter.
  5. Connect black-to-black, white-to-white, ground to ground using yellow or orange wire nuts®.
    1. In some cases, both wires are black, but one has a white stripe or some other difference, then the white stripe goes to the white Neutral wire.
    1. If wires on back of transformer are black-black, then it doesn’t matter which wire is connected to the household 120 volt Hot-Neutral.
  6. Tighten wire connections very tight.
  7. Do not leave any copper wire showing. Check that wires will not come loose.

Re-install cover over the box (enclosure). Each box must have cover that matches box … so don’t use homemade cover, homemade box, or rectangular switch cover for round box etc.

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