Smart Video Doorbell/Transformer and wireing Installation (Add-On)

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For only $159.00 we will install a transformer that will make your new smart Video Doorbell perform as it should.

  • We will Replace the Transformer that has a voltage that is too low to run a modern Smart Doorbell.

Our Crew Member have found that only about 20% of homes built before 1995 have enough voltage to make a Smart DoorBell work.

The part that we need will be ordered and shipped to your home and one of our Crew Members will return and install the transformer and then complete the install of the Smart/video Doorbell.
This price includs the part and the instalation of the part.
Note: if you do not have a doorbell chime all ready installed we offer them for instalation at this time. Just check the button in the right hand column.
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