Revolutionize your Customer’s retail experience

Partner with the Crew to accelerate growth by providing your customers with the convenience of high quality installation services. The Support Crew’s One Click Service is available at point of sale online and in store.

How the Support Crew’s Retail Solution Works

Increase Sales

Increase your revenue and average purchace size by allowing customers to add installation to their purchase.

The Crew Experence

Drive conversion by removing friction for customers who won’t buy products without installation solutions.

Capture Shares of Sales

Reach new Customers who are turning to your competitors for Convenience.

Customers can easily purchase Installation services online or in-store


By including an option for installation services, so customers can spend more time deciding on which brand to buy and less time worrying about how to make it work. It’s as easy as adding to cart on your E-commerce site or redeeming an in-store voucher.

Instore Voucher

Together, You and the Crew can change how retail customers shop

Increase Sales

Our services are available

8 am – 5 pm Monday – Saturday


The Crew manages over 13,000 certified technicians located throughout North America, offering technical support for every postal code in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico as well as in 160 other countries.

Highly rated Crew Members

Background-checked, independent professionals earn impressive consumer ratings. Learn more