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How It Works


Pay a fixed price for your Support Crewassembly service at Checkout.


Support Crew will contact you immediately after purchase to confirm your order and schedule your service for a few days after your product arrives. You can easily reschedule at your convenience.


Your fully-equipped, background-checked Crew Member will arrive and complete your service to perfection.

Let Us Give You a Hand!

Fixed Pricing

Say goodbye to surprise fees and hidden costs.

Your service won’t cost more than what you paid at Checkout.

Expert Service

Support Crew members receive great reviews all the time

because they’re friendly, reliable, and always prepared.

Flexible Scheduling & Easy Cancellations

Support Crew makes it easy to reschedule or cancel your booking online. You can even reschedule or cancel up to 24 hours before your scheduled booking start time for free.

Support Crew Guarantee

If you’re not happy with your service, the Support Crew

will work to make it right at no extra cost.


What is included in my Support Crew service?

For a flat fee, you’ll receive expert instalation of your smart home device from an experienced, background-checked Crew Member.

How much will my Support Crew Service cost?

The cost of the Support Crew services varies by product. The price of the service is clearly indicated on the product page of every product eligible for installation.

How can I contact Support Crew?

The Support Crew is easily accessible via email, By calling 888-282-5041 and via the ? Help button….. (bottom right on this page”.

What is Support Crew's cancellation policy?

You can reschedule Instalation services up to 24 hours before your scheduled booking start time for free. Fees apply when bookings are cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours of the booking start time. To learn more, read the Crew’s Cancelation Policy

Who is my Crew Member?

Your Crew Member is a background-checked, locally-sourced, top-rated expert that the Support Crew has matched with you. 

How are customers matched with Crew Members?

When you enter a Work Order, the Support Crew matches your Work order with the Crew Member that is in your area and qualified and experienced with the Installation that you need taken care of.

What if I have an issue with my Crew Member's service?


  • Your Crew Member fails to arrive

  • Doesn’t bring the proper supplies or

  • Provides unsatisfactory service

Please call our Dispatch Crew at 888-282-5041 and they’ll work to make it right.

Is Support Crew insured?

Trust, safety, and security are paramount concerns at the Support Crew, so the Crew is insured if anything goes wrong. If something is awry, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support Crew at 888-282-5041. For more information, read the Crew’s Terms of Service